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Foot Ulcer Treatment in Macomb County, Michigan

Foot Treatment

When You Notice a Red Sore

Have you recently been walking barefoot and now you’re noticing a red, open wound on the bottom of your foot? You may have a foot ulcer. Especially for those with damaged nerves or poor circulation, a foot ulcer can be dangerous. They are most common in people with diabetes and the elderly since they are less likely to notice a small cut. These small cuts, however, can quickly develop into ulcers, causing severe pain.

Causes of Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers can be caused by poorly fitted footwear, injuries, walking barefoot, inadequate foot hygiene, deformities and pressure. When your foot becomes injured, an ulcer can easily form. If it is not detected early, an ulcer can become infected, increasing the risk of gangrene and amputation. At Dr. Edward S. Gordon, D.P.M., P.C. and Dr. Timothy Snyder, D.P.M., P.C., we provide treatment for ulcers in order to help you retain the feet you need to keep moving.

Professional Treatment

When you come to our office with an ulcer, our podiatrist and his staff will quickly and efficiently examine your feet to determine the best course of treatment. Our treatment options include rest, debridement and the dressing of your ulcer to help guide the healing process. Whatever your needs, we’ll provide the high-skilled, experienced hands to treat your feet.

Talk to a Doctor

If you have a red sore on your foot or you are worried about a scratch becoming an ulcer, call our office. We will gladly answer any questions you have and work with you to schedule an appointment.